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Meet the Specialists for SEO in China!

At Jademond Digital Tianjin, we believe that success in the digital world starts with modern SEO techniques tailored to the Chinese market. Our team of experienced professionals can help you develop a comprehensive strategy for optimizing your website, creating content, running campaigns, increasing brand awareness and more. With our knowledge of search engine optimization, media monitoring, content creation, and other digital marketing services, we will ensure that your business is ahead of the competition.

Founder and CEO, Kun Tang

Kun Tang

Founder and CEO
Kun has more than 15 years of experience in Chinese Digital Marketing, leading one of the most successful SEO companies in China, with more than 100 successful client projects. Together with Marcus he wrote the most indepth book on SEO for China.
Partner and Director SEO, Marcus Pentzek

Marcus Pentzek

Partner & Director SEO
Marcus has more than 15 years hands-on experience in international SEO for successful brands. He created the world's first Baidu SEO Ranking Factors Correlation Study in 2020, the most comprehensive guide on Baidu Updates and wrote the book "SEO for China" together with Kun.
Office Manager

Jia Jia

Office Manager
Without her, our office would probably just be a room full of chairs – she's the true cog that keeps us spinning!
Chinese Social Media Specialist Job Opening

Mingze Dong

China SEO Consultant
Mingze learned SEO from the best and manages our Chinese, Korean and Japanese SEO campaigns in Tianjin office.
Chinese SEO Specialist Job Opening

Maybe You?

Young SEO Enthusiast
For Tianjin we are looking for new SEO staff. If you are experienced in SEO or if you want to learn professional White Hat SEO for China, we are the right company for you to apply at.
Chinese Social Media Specialist Job Opening

Maybe You?

Young Social Media enthusiast
We want you! Chinese Social Medias are the new search engines and optimizing our client's WeChat, Weibo & co will help them getting found.
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We believe SEO is not just Baidu

SEO isn't just about Baidu. It's about making sure that potential customers can find your brand, no matter where they’re searching. At Jademond Digital Tianjin, we make it our mission to optimize the search experience and ensure that your business is found online. We use a combination of modern SEO techniques tailored to the Chinese market, as well as specialized tools like Weibo, WeChat, JD and Tmall to make sure that you're seen by your target audience.

Jademond Digital's China and APAC Marketing clients succeeded last year:

  • 32%
    Increase in Online Transactions
  • 56%
    Increase in Revenue
  • 148%
    Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 46%
    Increase in Mobile Traffic

Your Digital Marketing Agency in China

Chinese Expertise with a German Twist

At Jademond Digital, our mission is to bridge the gap between Chinese expertise and German expertise. We strive to combine the insight from working with Chinese digital trends and culture with the quality of German workmanship. Our services will help your business achieve success within the highly competitive Chinese online marketplace.

china full service digital marketing agency

We are a team of experienced professionals (above you see our Guangzhou head quarters team), each with a passion for helping your business succeed in China. Our combined expertise covers the areas of marketing, e-commerce, digital design and strategy - everything you need to make sure your business stands out from the competition. We understand that success in China requires an intimate knowledge of the Chinese market and culture, as well as the right connections – and that’s exactly what Jademond Digital provides.

Currently we are recruiting for our new Tianjin office. Our Guangzhou and Tianjin colleagues are working hand-in-hand with Marcus being present in both offices, to ensure the Jademond is delivering highest results.

Jademond Digital – connecting China and Germany for your success.

Some of our most successful Digital Marketing Services for China and APAC

We specialize in helping you get the most out of SEO for China, leveraging our combined expertise in Chinese digital trends and German workmanship to maximize success.

We provide comprehensive solutions for social media marketing in China, utilizing our expertise and connections to help your business reach its full potential.

We are your go-to team for Chinese e-commerce, offering customized solutions that take into account China's unique digital marketplace.

Our PPC and SEA services for China are tailored to the needs of your business, with an eye towards maximizing visibility on the Chinese web.

Our KOL marketing solutions leverage key influencers in China to increase the reach of your business, amplifying your message and boosting success.

Our APAC SEO services take into account the unique needs and trends of this region, giving your business a leg up in the competitive digital space.

A Promise from Marcus Pentzek, Jademond's Director SEO
Director SEO Marcus Pentzek

We bridge the gap between German expertise and Chinese insight for maximum success. With our extensive knowledge and experience, Jademond Digital is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your business in China.


We look forward to working with you and helping you reach success!

Marcus Pentzek, Director SEO
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